Our Story

Chettershome is a marketing and sales organization for home accessories, in addition to your basic interior. We work with various suppliers in a selective distribution handling on the international market and are always looking for comfort, style and quality. 

Our brands and products
The offered brands and products are and will be selected by the enthusiastic styling and purchase team, that continuously is looking for appropriate products

About us
The team of Chettershome consists of a diverse group of people who all have one common goal: the passion for beautiful and special products that cannot be found on each corner of the street. Taste may be debatable, but the curiosity for new products and brands that makes life just a bit more beautiful. With this in mind, we work each day with the introduction of new products to our customers, time and time again to deliver a positive surprise.

Our principales
As a company and as individuals, we appreciate integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, and mutual respect. We respect our customers and partners and have a passion for beautiful and affordable products. We like to meet the challenge and take responsibility to our customers, partners, and employees by our commitments, to ensure good results, and by seeking to ensure the highest quality.

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